Yoshito Hirata, PhD

address: Mathematics and Informatics Center,
The University of Tokyo,
4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku,
Tokyo 153-8505,
email: hirata at mist dot i dot u-tokyo dot ac dot jp
telephone: +81 3 5841 0698

Research topics

Nonlinear time series analysis:

I am interested in developing methods of nonlinear time series analysis and applying them to various nonlinear phenomena. Nonlinear time series analysis provides not only useful information on the underlying dynamics but means of their prediction and control. So far, I have been developing methods using delay coordinates, recurrence plots, surrogate tests, symbolic analysis, and point process analysis. I have also applied these methods to real datasets measured from neurons, brains, heartbeats, winds, solar irradiation, cancers, amoebas, economies, and earthquakes.


Please write to me when you need consultation on time series analysis.